Sanity is Overrated

Sanity is Overrated
a podcast with Jan Riley


Now you can take me with you! Ok that sounds heavy and may bulky – but I promice it’s not. Podcasts let you listen to the show whenever and where ever you choose.

So what’s the show about?

sanity is overrated podcastEnter the exciting and often crazy world of the passion-driven entrepreneur who is out to DO GOOD – MAKE A PROFIT and HAVE FUN. Welcome to Sanity is Overrated with your host Jan Riley

Sharing business and self help skills you need to stay focused on your passion, make your business profitable and have a life that is nothing short of amazing. Jan Riley challenges you to DO GOOD – MAKE A PROFIT and HAVE FUN with practical action steps, honest & sometimes gut wrenching insights, infectious enthusiasm, and a big dose of irreverent humor. Enter the exciting and often insane world of the entrepreneurs who are brave enough to want a better world and just crazy enough to make it happen! Subscribe on iTunes!

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