If you’re like me, I know you’re tired of being pitched to,
so we’ll skip all of that so I can ask you one question

Do you have an awesome business
that is struggling to grow?

While you KNOW there are thousands of people
who want your products and services but
might not know that you exist

Get FOUND by the right people

Growing your business is easy when you reach enough of the RIGHT people. Now you can get thousands of new people discovering your products and services through one of the worlds largest media portal – iTunes. There are over 1 billion podcast subscribers on iTunes and people listen regularly. Their users are affluent, media savvy and credit worthy. AND, at the moment, competition is still low, but it may not always be that way.

What if there was a solution that’s

  • Is as simple as having a phone conversation (but doesn’t involve cold calling)
  • Only takes a few hours  of your time each month
  • Can reach thousands of new people each week
  • Lets you do what you do best – CONNECT with people in a real and authentic way

Could your awesome business handle the growth?! You betcha!
Let me share a BETTER WAY to CONNECT with your prospects and customers.

Stop begging for attention
and start CREATING the buzz!

Hosting your own radio show opens the door to massive, even world wide exposure while still offering you a very high touch way to personally engage with your prospects and existing customers. People that listen to your show get to know, like and trust you naturally.

Get thousands of new people discovering your products and services through the worlds largest media portals − including iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Chances are if you are at all successful in business you are already good at one thing – connecting with people. Now you can leverage technology to reach thousands more people and share the connection. With our DONE-WITH-YOU system you can have your own show up and running in just a few weeks.

Become the Expert people want to work with!

Hipster business man on tramYou probably help people all day long right now – but are you leveraging this expertise? Your show doesn’t have to be complicated or technical – but it does need to be relevant and helpful to your audience. Chances are if you are already successful in business – you have EVERYTHING that it takes to create a great show. The only thing you can’t fake is a passion for helping others.

Giving a voice to your expertise allows people a chance to experience WHO you ARE. Not only does this result in more calls, people get to know you which means when they contact you, they ALREADY KNOW you can help them with their problem.

How’s that for a qualified lead?

I love bringing out the BEST in people!

Hi my name is Jan Riley and I will be your co-host. Many people find it hard to create a 10 minute monologue so we jump over that issue by doing a revolving interview series. I can participate as little or as much as you need. My goal is to keep the conversation lively, entertaining, on topic and to help you have FUN! I have interviewed dozens of people for broadcast events and produced videos that have over 500,000 views.

Having a co-host means you don’t have to spend hours scripting and rehearsing your show. Two speakers having a conversation is natural and easy to listen to and we can even invite special guests to join us. Interviews are relaxed and upbeat so you share your personality like you would in a conversation.

My passion is helping you share the WAY you CONNECT with people in the face-to-face world in a virtual setting. People already  know, like and trust you once they get to EXPERIENCE you. Our desire is to bring that essence to the masses through the power of podcasting.  It’s time to quit hiding your awesome and share it with the world!

Listen to an example

Here is a show I did with International author, coach and speaker – Ken Krell

Patricia’s STORY…

At the end of November 2014, I started a podcast — the Minding Your Money Minute. Within 75 days I had over 10,000 downloads/listners. Just to put this in context, this is all organic traffic — loyal listeners that keep coming back and bringing friends.

Here’s what they’re saying…

“This is perfect for me. It’s a daily motivation or reminder that keeps me in check with my resolutions and financial goals!”

“I listened to three episodes and I’m HOOKED!!! Minding Your Money Minute gives me just enough to digest and get moving on maintaining focus on my finances.”

“Great tips and money advice. I love the short segments and listen to them in the morning while I am doing my morning routine. It’s much easier to take the information in small bite-sized pieces and I’m already thinking about money differently!”


Here’s my first episode:

pod2a As you can see there are ups and there are downs and it will always be that way. During my journey, I studied with some of the masters in the business and I learned a lot that I can use to help make your show a success!

My question to you…Could you use this kind of exposure with over 10,000 credit worthy prospects?

Become an Authority and Celebrity in your niche!

Why Podcasts?

Podcasts are Simple, Mobile and Flexible…They Fit With Today’s Lifestyle.

That’s why so many people are falling in love with audio shows and podcasts. Downloads are simple, subscribe once and the next show loads up automatically.

Audio shows can easily play on many devices including phones, tablets, mp3 players and now in your car! Yes – 50% of new cars sold will be able to stream podcasts with a click.

1 in 3 Americans listen to podcasts

Listening to podcasts lets you get on with life. You can multi-task and listen while you work, drive, do laundry or take a walk. Unlike blogs, social media and video you aren’t held hostage by the device. This also means that people spend more UNINTERRUPTED TIME listening to audio shows.

Engage with your prospects and customers longer – much longer than traditional marketing channels. You will literally be whispering into the ears of your most interested customers, while they work, drive, workout, commute or relax. Not to mention they get to choose when and where they listen to you which makes a huge difference in how they feel about your message.

NOW let’s talk about the elephant in the room…

I’ll admit it. Podcasting is not for everyone. Hosting your own radio show is hard work…very hard work. I know because I’ve been there.

BUT, that’s one of the reasons we developed this special service that does most of the heavy lifting for you. All it takes is about 2 hours of your time each month to keep your podcast up and running and consistently generating results for you.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more about our podcast production services, we offer a 20 minute mastermind session. You can schedule one right below!


There is a better way to connect with people

and we would like to invite you to learn more about it right now.



Take the next step

If you are passionate about helping people and growing your business then Take the next step and set up a 20 minute podcasting mastermind with us. Our clients are positive, passionate businesses who love helping people and have an empowering message to share. Does this sound like you?

This isn’t for everyone!

The cost for the podcast mastermind is $25 and I promice that the appointment is NOT a sales pitch.(Neither one of us will enjoy that)   We provide a small concierge service that is by invitation only. This session is solely to mastermind the BEST marketing solutions for you and to see if podcasting is right for your business. If we choose not to work together ( which is hard to even imagine – but technically possible) we will joyfully send you off with good vibes and excellent marketing strategies.


I WANT to know more!

With our DONE-WITH-YOU system
You can have your own Podcast up and running in just a few weeks.