Online Strategy Coaching

Online Strategies that Grow your Business

If this sounds like YOU
You are amazing, successful, ambitious and

  • Already have a great business and the means to work with more customers
  • Are ready to take full advantage of the internet to get leads, customers and make sales
  • Want to get more exposure and reach customers in a wider geographic area
  • Get clients based on the power of your expertise and personality (and need a way to use these strengths online)
  • Could really profit from working with a few dozen ideal clients a month
  • Are inerested in becoming the go-to authority in your industry

When you work with ME 
Your business grows faster because we

  • Choose the best programs and tools to use to get more clients from the internet
  • Craft: landing pages, sales funnels, video series, e courses, autoresponders and webinars
  • Discover how to use digital products (as lead gen) and create automated – rock solid follow-up
  • Use the qualities that make you successful offline to create an irrisistible online funnel
  • Integrate offline networking with online tools for massive results
  • Create a strategy to leverage ALL of your marketing efforts for more ideal clients




Would you like to combine the qualities that
make you money in person
with the tools that let you
reach more people with less effort?

I help businesses use online marketing strategies to connect with your best clients and grow faster. If you know there are customers out there that NEED your services but aren’t sure how to really make everything work together (without tearing your hair out) Please set up a time to talk.

Quality prospects are worth their weight in gold and you KNOW they are out there RIGHT NOW searching for your services.  Finding and connecting with you customers online isn’t as easy as it sounds. Yes, even online, it’s all about the connection. That is why in person networking -works, and I am not discouraging it. However you can only cover so much ground as one human being.

Your business experience + online strategies = More $$

No. It’s NOT just a numbers game

For most businesses you will make more money and grow faster if you ENGAGE with more of the RIGHT people online. There are many locally based busineses that could double or even triple thier income by working as little as an addition dozen clients each month. THIS is what we specialize in – helping you connect with the people who want and need your services (and crafting rock solid – high engagement follow-up) so leads never fall through the cracks.

Do what you do best

jan-smaller-protrait-300x251Your business is friendly, competant and  professional and your online presence  should be the same.  Choosing the right online strategy, software and making it all work together …well it’s confusing and overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from but mistakes cost you TIME and MONEY. My 12 years experience in setting up, using and managing online systems can save you countless headaches and literally thousands of dollars.

The GOOD news is that people are searching online for the solution, products and services you offer – I guarantee it! When you can truly connect with them – your business will grow. Set up an appointment to discover how you can get more clients with less effort!

Do you really want to grow your business?
If you are not getting enough calls from the right people, I can help.  If your follow up is weak, sporadic or just plain ineffective – Let’s talk NOW.


Quick question –

 cross1Do you find that face to face networking gets you the best leads and clients?
(which is great except that you are running ragged and still need more clients)

cross1 Is your business able to serve clients from a larger geographic area?
(but your aren’t sure how to get in front of them without getting lost in the crowd)

cross1 Are you ready to quit working so hard to grow your business and leverage your time and efforts?
(because you have a life and family and would love to get back to them – sooner rather than later)