The Chaos in my mind shows up in my life

 Got Chaos?


 Check your head!

How many times do we feel overwhelmed, frustrated and irritable without really knowing why? Yes, it could be the washer dribbling water all over the freshly mopped floor, the pupply who delights in shreding that new pair of sandles or the hard drive that suddenly refuses to be found – but more than likely the trouble begins with what we are thinking INSIDE our heads.

When my mind is overloaded with to-do lists, past events and how I might screw up the next set of tasks it never fails – chaos ensues. The only way to get out if it is for me to stop, reset and refocus in a gentle and loving way. A nap almost always helps, but so does a walk, cup of tea or a moment of meditation. When I am focused and using my creative side – the chaos turns into beautiful rapid fire energy that magically transmutes into amazing things. When I am in the middle of beating myself up – everything seems (and feels ) chaotic – making the day super long and generally unproductive.

Clear your mind and then your desk

Clearing up clutter is another way to clam the chaos. There is a physical and emotional componant to clutter that makes us less able to focus on what we want to. The time spent decluttering is also a great way to calm and center your thoughts. Chaos starts with battle between thoughts, expectations and reality. Often what happens is not what I expected and it gets me all bent out of shape.  Moral of the story is this: No more beating yourself up!

Don’t hold back your awesome!

Yeah, I ‘m talkin to YOU!

Don’t hold back your awesome! Look around you right now, the world NEEDS every teeny tiny bit of wonderful stuff you can give. and YOU have way more than a tiny bit of awesome to share! I implore you to love yourself enough to ignore the inner critic and just LET yourself BE GREAT anyway.

Hiding your wonderfulness won’t help you release your failure, demons or bad habits. Perhaps LOVING yourself will! This post is especially for all who struggle with

D#depression #anxiety #failure #lowselfesteem #criticism

I believe in you right now

– even tho I don’t know you, may never meet you and have no idea what your flaws may be. Perhaps for today, I can hold the vision of YOU being awesome for you