About Us

Jan Riley is a lifelong Artist, Speaker, Teacher, Entrepreneur and Idea Sparker.

Many businesses suffer from communication anorexia – either a flood of sales hype or sporadic communication. Neither works for today’s busy and savvy consumers. This breaks my heart since most of these same folks are often exceptional service providers in person!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with marketing in the digital world and not sure where and how to market that will actually grow your business? Join me while we cut thru the clutter and hype to identify precisely what channels produce results for professional service providers and small businesses in today’s digital economy. Your business growth depends on how many people you connect with and luckily for you – you are already good at that!

Discover how to use the right technology to multiply your marketing efforts while keeping your customers happily engaged. Expand your reach, create multiple touch points for new customer engagement and lead them into a rock solid follow-up system that transforms relationships into profits. That, my friend, is the sexy back end and every business needs one. The only question is …can yours survive without it?

Jan is a proven and powerful ally who is passionate about helping her clients make more money so they can be happy and change the world.

Blending her infectious enthusiasm, creativity and keen insights with a no-nonsense – bottom line businesswoman Jan Riley is a proven and powerful ally who is passionate about helping her clients make more money so they can change the world.

She helps business owners CONNECT with more of the right people, CAPTURE their attention and start the conversation and CONVERT them into profitable relationships. Watch Jan in action as she blends her infectious enthusiasm, creativity and keen insights with her no-nonsense businesswoman flair.

As a Search engine optimization and Content Marketing specialist she took one ecommerce store and doubled their mailing list and increased customer engagement by over 400% all while running a successful Decorative Painting and Mural business in Atlanta Ga. (JanRiley.com)

Her clients value her ability to get to the heart of the matter fast and craft solutions that are actionable and unique. She offers both coaching and done WITH you services that center on engaging and connecting with people.

I believe there is a better way to
connect with people and it will grow your business



Hi. My name is Jan Riley and I am an artist, speaker and online marketing strategist.  I believe that how you do your business is just as important as what you do. everyday I work with amazing people with incredible businesses who are out to DO GOOD – Make a PROFIT and Be HAPPY.

Business – the internet – love… it’s all about connecting!

Once you really understand how valuable your ability to connect with people can be – your life and your business will soar.  That is what keeps me so excited about working with clients.
What if ….

  • Your ideal clients instantly recognized you and became motivated to pick up the phone!
  • YOu had multiple touch points both online and offline so people can experience your expertise and energy and CONNECT with you
  • You knew the precise tools to automate follow up so your time is freed up to run your business a serve your clients
  • The very best part of you was the FIRST thing people GET when they are exposed to your message

Do you really want to help more people?
If you are not getting enough calls from the right people, I can help.  If your follow up is weak, sporadic or just plain ineffective – Let’s talk NOW.